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For the Formation of Gulf union

December 22, 2011

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz calls the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to move from a phase of cooperation to a phase of union within a ”single entity”, noting that its targeted because of its ”security and stability”. He said at the opening of the GCC summit on 19/12/2011 "history and experience have taught us to not stop on our reality and say that we have absolutely everything, and who will do that, will be in the last convoy and will be confused, and this is something that nobody will accept for our country, our stability and our security, that`s why I call today to move from a phase of cooperation to a phase of union within a single entity”. It is known that the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf was established on 25/05/1981, thirty years ago, even it moves very slowly towards economic, social and political integration, so it could achieve in his career three decades ago doesn`t rise at the age of this career and doesn`t reflect the actual capacity of the GCC countries, which owns the richness, opportunities, capacities of financial resources, human and material very huge. Conflicts that had to be finished a long time as the common currency, the customs union, electrical connection and water, fiscal consolidation, ease movement of persons and mutual investment and bilateral trade and other issues often float on the surface, but unfortunately, discuss on these questions is still suspended, at some details that are largely marginal details. And even at political level, we notice that states of the Council shall give priority to bilateral relations with regional and international powers, even if it was the responsibility of a neighboring and partner country in the composition of the Council, so when we talk about policies that could be close on one side and away on the other side. At the military level and despite attempts to create a common defense mechanism is the "Peninsula Shield", but the real excitement for the launch of this mechanism is unequal between countries. This comes at a moment when all countries of the Cooperation Council know that the challenges are a threatened and the danger of threats, if it is regional or international. Even the financial and economic crises that have occurred previously, or those which have recently happened in the United States and the euro zone country, have a negative impact on all the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, although to varying degrees. With the latest events that happens in 2011 in the Arab world, and that due to the overthrow of the regime in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, and who is appointed to make changes in Yemen and Syria or in other countries, where the GCC countries have not escaped its consequences and ideas and to influence and vulnerability. And the danger of the variables that happened, not how or when or why it happened, but it would be as open attacks on all the possibilities and the changes that that happens don`t have a clear identity, and will not have the limits and will not establish, so strengthening modern and developed regimes that can solve social, political and economic crises. The fear is that it happens as it happened in all past revolutions, where the revolution succeeded to make a change but lost in ensuring security and stability for the people and to neighboring countries, whether opponents or allies. From here, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has called on the importance of forming the Gulf Union rather remain isolated within a Council that works more slowly than a turtle. And by reading the dimensions of the call thrown by the Saudi monarch we found: That he is afraid of the safety and stability in the Gulf who cannot be made without the joint efforts of the Gulf cooperation council countries. That he is afraid of regional developments which can result from Iran under the growth of its military capacities. That he is afraid of Israel and his ambitions, especially that his actions confirm that it`s against peace. That he is afraid that efforts about 30 years ago are lost, and that the end is the flight of the Cooperation Council of all the links especially that all which realized isn`t at the level of the ambitions. That he is afraid of the failure of the Arab situation and the possibility that the Gulf countries can` maintain its security and safety in case if they are separated and removed. That he is afraid of the increase of the intensification of the international conflicts, and of the return in new cold wars having shown that the United States are not anymore the strength capable to managing an unilateral international regime, where ambitions and aspiration appear of another strength as Russia, heir of the Soviet Union and China where the sleeping dragon has awakened, and there are also new strengths like India, Brazil and others. The Union doesn`t mean that any Gulf State is losing its national identity, its heritage and its history or that it gives its energy, its capacity and its resources to anyone or that it loses its independence, but the Union is the best kind of cooperation which assures all the efforts to members who make cooperative economic, social, political and military power for six State of the Gulf. We hope that the call of the Saudi monarch hit as it deserves and that the States of the Council are transmitted from a mentality of council to a federal mentality.




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