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Russia: Putin seeks for another term

January 16, 2012

The latest survey in Russia showed that the candidate Vladimir Putin is now the Prime Minister, his popularity is lowered from 60% to 35% without implying that he will not be the President of Russia in 2012 for the third time and for a period of 6 years. It`s comes in a Western fear, that the return of Putin who is known strict and he tends to be more czars than president. Putin nominated as presidential candidate by Dmitry Medvedev, and since the election of Putin, speculations anticipated that the mandate of Mr. Medvedev is just a game made by Putin, who was, and is still the de facto leader of Russia. Also, Putin was appointed presidential candidate of Russia by the United Russia party congress. Russian opposition considers the return of Putin as a setback to democracy and rigidity for a country which has decided to be a part of the movement of global change it a few decades ago, which means that the notice of opposition is: "The Russia remains as it is until 2024", because the return of Putin, according to the newspaper of the opposition, means the return of the aircraft "KGB" on Kremlin control, in a period of 12 years hence for two new presidential mandates for Putin. The opposition newspaper complies with what the former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said. He accused Putin of "malfunction" the democratic regime in Russia, adding that Putin should not stand for another term next year. Gorbachev said that Russia should make a great progress in democratization over the past two decades, accusing the responsibility of Putin, adding, “Putin and his team represent stability, but stability kills development and leads to stagnation. The electoral system in Russia was not something extraordinary, but they literally malfunction”. For the Western, the British newspaper “the Observers” has the support of the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev for the return of his predecessor Vladimir Putin is a black dot in Russian Democracy… According to the opinion of the newspaper "All these factors pushed Russia to slip again from democracy to dictatorship, and it`s really worrying”. The American newspaper "New York Times" commented the return of Putin to the presidency of Russia saying:"it`s clear that Putin is the main driver of the tandem power, he remained the one with the highest hand in managing affairs in his country, despite the weakness of the authority which has granted in respect of the Prime Minister from the position of president, that`s why, many political analysts predicted that if Medvedev took the presidency of Russia, he represents a bridge to Putin, so he could return to his former position and has already made two terms as president (2000-2008) and it`s the maximum number of successive presidential terms allowed by Russian law for the president. The American newspaper "Wall Street Journal" said in the analysis in this context, that the news that circulated on the probability of a change in the Russian leadership, means the return of Putin once again to the presidency, and the shift of Russia to the rank of a police state. The White House has tried to reduce the impacts that might result for the return of Putin and what it means to good relations with Moscow from Obama. The newspaper cited what was said by Tommy Vietor, spokesman of The White House National Security Council (NSC): "The efforts were always intended to restore the links between the two countries with no national interests without the individual. “Whatever the position of the opposition or the foreign reports, however we cannot deny that when Putin was elected president of Russia on 26 March 2000 and took his post on 7 May of that year, and was re-elected President of Russia again on 14 March 2004, and has reached many achievements to Russia where he worked on strengthening the central authority, and the balance in relations between the legislative Organizations and law enforcement, and to maintain a stable economic growth. Russia`s GDP growth reached 7% per year, in addition to the significant decrease of inflation and unemployment, and real wages in Russia increased 50% and the government paid foreign debts worth 50 billion dollars and the Central Bank`s foreign currency reserves have reached a record of $ 84 billion which shows the financial relief that Russia experienced. The Russian economy is credited to be one of the ten largest economies in the world. The return of Putin means more economic growth for Russia, which necessarily must be also compatible with the political rise on the world scene, and maybe that`s what scares the Western, which covered in the context that the time Russia is finished, but the impact of the Syrian and Libyan crisis and the decision to implement the network of U.S. missiles in Turkey and the Iranian nuclear issue has proven that it has a new role occupied by Russia on the international scene what appeal that Moscow is using all its possibilities, in order to not allow someone to go beyond its role. Putin has made the issue clear; he swore that Russia would respond to any "unilateral" operations made by Westerners in the international arena, if it didn`t take into consideration the interests of Russia. And he said: "The unilateral actions of our partners, who don`t take into consideration the views of Russia and its interests, will be submitted to the necessary evaluation and an appropriate response." As he promised the West, he also promised the Russian citizens of other nationalities and he would work to repair and safeguard their rights and defend their interests.




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