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The Arab Spring is transformed to a political autumn in Lebanon

March 16, 2012

The Western and Arab powers caring to inform the official authorities at different levels and they must work to save Lebanon from all negative effects on the impact of the "Arab Spring" and especially that the Syrian crisis, which is considers the more complex and more sensitive, because it reaches with his loud throughout the region. Despite this concern, Lebanon passes in difficult conditions without having yet reached a dangerous step, because the local political forces on its various trends and enigmas insist to don`t involve street in confrontations with political, sectarian and confessional dimensions. This doesn`t mean that the street escapes from what is happening in Syria and in the Arab world, and also it doesn`t mean that the street is not divided horizontally and vertically at all levels. And with a plain reading of the political map in Lebanon today, it is shown that: - There is a conflict between the Sunnis who support the Syrian revolution with their majority and between the Shiites who support with their majority the regime in Damascus. - There is also a conflict between the Sunni extremists who consider themselves as an integral part of the conflict happening in Syria, and between Sunni which have a political position of support of the revolution, and between Sunnis who support the President Bashar al-Assad. - There is also a division between the ranks of Christians, some of them support the revolution verbally and others support the regime orally. - There is executive power which is represented by the president who decided to adopt the policy of "self-rule" that hasn`t been welcomed by those who support the Syrian opposition because in their opinion, Lebanon is concerned about what is happening in Syria, and because they consider that the practices of the Lebanese security forces are in favor of the Syrian regime. As the policy of the "self-rule" was not welcomed by those who support the Syrian regime because in their opinion Lebanon should stand next to Syria and protect its security in accordance with the agreements signed between the two countries. - There is contraband of arms in the hand of the merchants who don`t care who will win in Syria, but the most important thing for them is who will pay the most. And these merchants don`t have a political background and don`t have a party or responsible support. - There are also thousands Syrian workers in Lebanon, and they are divided between supporters and opponents, and from time to time, they organize demonstrations to express their positions. - - There are also international pressures on Lebanon, which led it to open humanitarian passages in its territory and doesn`t stop armies who are fleeing from the Syrian security forces. - And the Beirut airport which receives foreign or Arab delegation, including members of Al-Qaeda arrives in Lebanon and move secretly to Syria to participate in fighting. - There is a hidden conflict in Lebanon between Iran and America and what it has as implications in the current circumstances. All this confirms that Lebanon lives now in a storm of "Arab spring" without its security be affected, despite some individual incidents, because the Lebanese political parties are waiting what will happen in Syria.




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