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Libya exercises blackmail on Europe

August 07, 2007

The son of the Libyan leader Sayf El Islam Al Kazafi declared that the afair of the Bulgarian nurses and physician that are accused of having transmitted the AIDS to about hundred Libyan children, was a blackmail, but also the European tried to play the same game and they had their sanction.
Sayf El Islam also assured in an interview made with the American magazine New-york that the value of the French engagement on the health level in Libya worth hundreds of millions of Euros, and they agreed on an important nuclear project that worth some billions…
As an answer to the question of the opinion of Tripoli about the Bulgarian nurses, Sayf said that this could be a blackmail, but the European also exercised blackmails on Libya… It is an immoral game but it has been established by the European, and they now pay for there mistakes, and every country played his cards according to his own interests.




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