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Karl Roof, adviser of President Bush,
Presented his resignation

August 16, 2007

The resignation of the adviser of the American president has been confirmed and it will be valid from the end of the month of August 2007. Roof occupied the best functions in the White House since Georges Bush became president (January 2001).
Roof is the planner of the election campaign of 2000 who led Georges Bush to the presidency.
The "Wall Street Journal" newspaper published the declaration of Roof that says: "I believe that it is time… they will always be something that pushes me to remain here, and I always liked staying here… but I must do what I`m doing for my family`s sake. "
Roof wanted to present his resignation before but the obstacles considered by the American administration prevented it.
Roof bet on Hillary Clinton for the presidential elections in 2008, considering her as being a strong candidate…




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