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August 16, 2007

A lot of priests in France try to study the Islam to be able to differentiate between what it is said of the Islam and the truth, and others by simple curiosity or by love to the culture and to amplify the dialogue between the religions.
A priest who has participated to the session organized by" the service of the relations with the Islam" declared that one week was sufficient to discover the Islam for me who participated in the session by curiosity.
Sister Annie, who lives in the suburbs of Mane, participated to this session to be able to differentiate between what is liveliness said on the Islam and the truth about this religion, and therefore to be surer of herself while debating this topic with the Moslem. While priest André Dillan confesses that his information on the Islam are very superficial in spite of his knowledge that this religion is deeper than he doest see it in his parish.
Thee priest Roger Michel and priest Max Doughyer declared that these sessions are insufficient, and that it is an essential need. The director of the service of the relations with the Islam attests that he welcomed this year 40 priests who try to know more the Islam, while last year they were only 28.




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