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Saudi Arabia: preparations
to protect the oil installations

September 03, 2007

The fourth stage of formation of a protective team of the oil installations has been finished so that the 5th can begin in October 2007 and this project will include 35 thousand of security men.
A source declared that these men are liveliness to follow a very advanced formation and on all military and security levels according to a diagram well planned to improve their capacity of defense.
The minister of the inside, the prince Nayef Ben Abed Al Aziz had declared two months ago the determination of his country to make a professional team to fight against the terrorism that tackled the oil installations of Saudi Arabia.
The spokesman of the ministry of the inside, the general Mansour Al Turki, declared that the final goal of Saudi Arabia is to train 35 thousand men but this goal will be achieved progressively, and they hope to train 20 thousand men next year from here.
Two extremists had tried to make a suicidal attack on the East coast in February 2006 on installations tankers of the country, and it this made two deathes and injured 8 foreign workers. This attack has been adopted later by Al Kaida.
In April 2007 the Kingdom had stopped 172 members of Al Kaida among them 2 pilots who have been trained to destroy some installations with civilian planes.




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