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Merkel the strongest woman in the world

September 03, 2007

The German councilwoman Angela Merkel has been named according to the Forbes magazine, the strongest woman in the world. While Condoleeza Rice came third after Wowo Yi, Chinese vice Prime minister. And for the 4th year this magazine publishes a list of the 100 stronger women in the world.
Among the first 10 women there is 5 American 3 Asian. The French minister of financeswas nominated in the 12th place and the presidency of the board of directors of the Singaporean Group TIMSEK, Ho Sheng occupied the 3rd rank while Sonia Gandhi the chairwoman of the party of the Indian symposium took the 6th place.
29% of the women that have been named among the 100 are part of governments and 66% are business women. And 16 new names mentioned among them the chairwoman of the board of directors of grouping Chanel Moren Chikie (80th place) and the general manager of the international association of Health Marguerite Shan (37th place) and the chairwomen of the university Harford Drew Fost (47th place).




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