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1994: Conference: “The challenges facing the Arab world under the international changes”

February 11, 2008

This conference was held in Cairo under the auspices of the General Secretary of the Arab League Dr. Ismat Abdel Majid. The axes of the conference has stressed on the following: - The political strategic challenges - The security military challenges - The radicalism and terrorism in the Arabic region - The Arabic industries and the ecological problems - The economical and development challenges - The future of the Arabic – Israeli relations The recommendations of the conference were the demand of the Arabs to play a role in the operation that the international system is going under, and they expressed the wishing of the Arabs to build a true and fair peace in the region, and they condemned the phenomenon of the terrorism stressing on the need to find the right ways to face it. The recommendations mentioned what the international unions are trying to impose on the Arabs especially the Carbone taxes.




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