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1995: conference: “the economical challenges of the Arab world against the international masses”

February 11, 2008

This conference was held in Dubai under the auspices of the Royal Prince of Dubai Mohamed Bin Rached Al Maktoum The axes of the conference has stressed on the following: - The international masses and their impact on the economies of the Arabic world - The interior economic challenges of the Arabic world - The energy challenges and its economical reflections on the Arabic and international level - The role of financial and investment organizations in developing the Arabic economy - Balance and privatization programs and their role in developing Arabic economies - International economies relations - Towards an Arabic economic strategy The recommendations has stressed on the need to coordinate between Arabic governments and the private sector to activate the role of the common Arabic work. The recommendations have declared their approval on the role that the Arabic Unions are playing especially the Council of Gulf Coordination and have demanded the Union of Northwest Arabic nations to strengthen their pass; and finally they invite the Arabic economic masses to coordinate their efforts between each others and between the international masses too.




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