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1999: Conference: “The future of Arabic Jerusalem”.

February 11, 2008

This conference was held at Casa Blanca under the auspices of the late the King Hassan the Second The axes of the conference has stressed on the following: - The situation of Jerusalem in the monotheist religions - Jerusalem and the ambitions of the Arabic Islamic future - The situation of Jerusalem in international laws and agreements. - The future of Jerusalem in the international negotiations - The future of Jerusalem in the Middle East negotiations. - The role of development projects and the money investment in protecting the identity of Jerusalem The recommendations of the conference have refused all the Israeli attempts aiming to make of Jerusalem an Israeli unified capital; they have also refused all the Israeli attempts to fully seize the Holy Jerusalem. They have also refused to internationalize Jerusalem or put it under whatever custody. They have also condemned all the digging works that are happening in Jerusalem aiming to change the history The recommendations have called upon to help the Jerusalem citizens and to help those building schools and hospitals and to improve the infrastructure because that will help them to reinforce their resistance.




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