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Does the Pope was able to reassure the Christians of the East?

September 17, 2012

In an official and popular reception path, Pope Benedict XVI went to the Lebanon from 14/09/2012 to 16 after a pastoral tour in Lebanon, and after he arrived to hold mass in downtown Beirut, after having signed an Apostolic Exhortation, that calls for coexistence between religions and peace and love among all sects.
The Pope's visit to Lebanon is not a coincidence, but because it is the only country in the East where live the Christian denominations in safety and stability and participating actively in the management of the affairs of the country equally Muslims with various trends.
The purpose of the Pope's visit to Lebanon is to forward a message to the Christians of the East to focus on their land and defend their presence and avoid being a scapegoat in the circumstances that existed in the region of the Middle East with the outbreak of what we call "Arab Spring."
The reality of Eastern Christians indicates that they are targeted and there are those who seek to expel or to establish a religious state, or to resettle Palestinians in their place, or hold them accountable because they are in the opinion of some who are with diet and does not engage in any political project modulator. In many cases, it was observed a few years ago and even today, the coexistence of Christians with others is also important because the logic of the authorities said that the minority must live within the majority and are subject to its laws and regulations. Since Christians are a minority in all countries of the East, we can say that this presence is risky.
In Iraq, the decrease in the number of Christians of 1 million 200 thousand to 6000 in less than six years that form the 2004 to 2010, and many of those who remained in the countries want the Immigration and leakage, as evidenced by the numerous requests received by the Association for the Defense of Minorities in the Middle East, which is active in France for nearly four years and provide asylum to French authorities, in coordination with the Iraqi associations active in Iraq.
In Syria, Christians represent approximately about 10% of the population, which means that their number is about two million people have become a target of different forces that has forced about 100,000 Christians to migrate from one region to another inside Syria or escape from Syria and from the date of this movement under 2 years. In Egypt, clashes made the religious background that has left the majority immigrant, even if the population is about 20 million of 83 million is the total number of the population of Egypt. This situation has existed for decades. In Israel, there are daily encroachments on the Christian holy places and obstruct Christians to immigrate as a prelude to the establishment of a Jewish state with Jerusalem its capital position was sacred for Christians and for Muslims. The number of Christians in Israel is 148 000 people and accounted for 2.1 percent of all citizens of the state. Regarding Lebanon, the West has already put on Christians during the civil war that broke out in 1975 to be deported to Canada and other Western countries, but the project failed, and it was approved the Taef Agreement, which provided for the sharing of power equally between Christians and Muslims, although the number of Christians in Lebanon is about one-third of the total population is about 5 to 6 million.
Although there is no direct threat to the Christian presence in Lebanon now, but there are fears they have by some forces that raise the slogan of establishing "Islamic state" transform them into "people edema "in the country where they consider themselves the original in existence.
This Christian fact in East which prompted the Pope John Paul II visited Lebanon for 15 years and this is what Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Lebanon today. However, the open question whether these visits were reassured the Christians of the East?




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