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Does the crisis of Iran Rial overthrow the President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

October 04, 2012

The Economic sanctions imposed on Iran have begun to show results where the price of the dollar has recently risen three times what it was, and also the prices of all goods imported mainly wheat, medicines and other raw materials and more Iranian oil exports decreased by approximately 200 barrels per day.

This comes at a time when Iran suffered a conflict between the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the bottom of how to manage the country's affairs and the right people in key sites which are capable of face the risk of sudden confrontation with Iran by the international community because of its adherence to end its nuclear program, which absorbs a large part of the returns of the country for many years, depending on the life of the citizen n 'not have the minimum requirements of life and the availability of basic services in education, health, housing and others.
It seems that the United States is very pleased with what is happening in Iran because the success of its bet on economic sanctions that could avoid getting into a military adventure without result, and regional war sidebar have many negative effects, such as Israel put up with the embarrassment of Washington, where it stressed the need to strike Iran militarily to stop its nuclear program, despite its cost in Tel Aviv only amounted to $ 42 billion as an estimate first.
The spokesman for the U.S. State Department, Victoria Nuland, made it clear that the deterioration in the Iranian currency shows the success of "severe punishment" imposed by the international community to stop Iran's nuclear program. Nuland held that it "shows the pressure continued and increased success that we impose on the Iranian economy." We know that the price of the dollar is equivalent to 13 000 in 2011 and Rial recently happened about 40 miles Rial and left behind inflation, which reached about 23%.
If the Iranian street has expressed its rejection and dissatisfaction and asked the Government to take effective measures, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seems to be busy is how to release his media adviser Prison and he did not use yet to take any action, unless the arrest of illegal money changers of money considering that they are the responsible for the incredible increase in the price of the dollar, ignoring the economic sanctions that have started sorting at the daily lives of citizens.
And even governments have resorted to opening a new "Clearing House" where the dollars available to put importers in exchange rate has a lower price on the open market, but n 'not prevent the deterioration of the exchange rate of the Rial.
Perhaps this is what prompted some members of the regime who are close to Sayed Ali Khamenei criticized the Ahmadinejad government and hold it accountable for what happens, where Iranian religious authority Amli Jawad said that the reason is due to the weakness of the administration of the government of Ahmadinejad, not economic sanctions. He added that the economic blockade is in Iran 30 years ago, but the problems came because of economic mismanagement. According to the President of the Court of Justice Mohammad Montazeri, the government has deviated from the approach of Justice and the nation and leadership.
On his part, the representative of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Kayhan, Hossein Shariatmadari accused the government of President Ahmadinejad's silence on economic issues surrounding Iran. Shariatmadari said in an article in Kayhan: we notice that there are instances of silence by officials of the Ahmadinejad government side of the crisis of the Iranian Rial and Ministers of Economy and Commerce, Industry and Minerals and the head of the National Bank who appeared before the Parliament stated that the issue was not related to them.
Faced with this crisis stifling that Iran suffered, analyzes and interpretations abound where some considered that the economic crisis in Iran is attributed to use most of the state for its military industries where Budgets recently increased from 3 billion to the total allowance of military industries to approximately $ 10 billion ...
Others have said that the cause is that Iran has independent financial funds belonging to President Ahmadinejad and the Guardian of another revolution and other funds under the control of a group of powerful without having one higher authority that oversees the work of these funds or related to each other ... Add to that the corruption and mismanagement.

Conversely, U.S. researchers believe that investments in Iran's nuclear program depriving other more profitable projects in the field of fossil energy sources of capital. They also believe that the continuation of Iran to join the entire nuclear fuel cycle is likely to reduce foreign investment in the energy sector, market opportunities and kills Iran to the international level. For his part, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that U.S. sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear program cost the Iranian economy about $ 5 billion per month.
As for the way out of the crisis, some expect that Iran is trying to circumvent sanctions through the direct exchange: Oil against property. These products include gold bars or cereal. Iran has really made such an agreement to share its oil with wheat in Pakistan.
Others expect that the government has used to fix the price of the dollar and sell large quantities of oil on the black market at a lower price to the total price to provide hard currency ... but at the political level, someone one must be responsible for what happens, and it seems that the fingers of accusation moves President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!




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