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Morsi reverses the constitution of the Egyptian revolution

November 27, 2012

Not even five months rose to the presidency of Mohammad Morsi Egypt, and "cons-revolution" out into the street, accusing him of being a "Pharaon" and a "dictator" and called "Mohammed Morsi Mobarak "due to propose adoption of a constitutional text, and given himself skills that cannot be challenged. In total contradiction with what the Commission is working on the constitution in terms of defining the rights and obligations of any Egyptian president.

The text of the declaration approved by Morsi, provides a restoration of investigations and prosecutions in the killing of protesters during the revolution and stressed that "ads constitutional laws and previous resolutions issued by the President of the Republic since he came to power on 30 June 2012 and in force until the final constitution and the election of the Board of a new people that cannot be challenged in any way, so it cannot be exposed to the suspension of the execution or cancellation, in case everything will flow.”

Similarly, the text of the declaration also states that it "the Attorney General appointed from among members of the judiciary by a decision of the President of the Republic for a period of four years beginning with the date of occupation of the position, and is subject to the terms and conditions to resume the judiciary and that his age does not exceed 40 years.

He stressed that he is not allowed any judicial authority to resolve the Shoura Council or the Constituent Assembly to achieve a Constitution. "

Similarly, the text of the declaration approved "the president if he threatens the revolution of January 25 or the life of the nation or the nation's security or interfere with the institutions of the State for exercise of their role, to take appropriate measures to deal with this threat as regulated by law.”

In collaboration with the announcement of the constitutional text, the President decided to appoint Morsi adviser Mohammed Talaat as attorney general for four years, succeeding advisor Mahmoud Abdel Majid.Alpha Once the new constitution was implemented, a number of political forces and democratic announced to have formed a national salvation front to serve as collector for each entity forces against the Constitutional Declaration issued by President Mohamed Morsi.

These forces have confirmed their refusal to dialogue with the President before removing the constitutional declaration, and they warned that if the constitutional declaration has not been reversed, they will establish a collective leadership National symbol of Egypt who will be responsible for the management of political and popular phases.

Forces led by Dr. Mohammad El Baradei, the head of the Party Constitution, Amr Moussa and former candidate Hamdeen Sabahi the Presidency, Mr. Al Sayed Al Badawi, Chairman of Al Wafd Party and the representative of the Party of Egypt led by Abdel Moneim Abu al-Futuh, the revolutionary crowd support in the fields of Egypt and the peaceful occupation for young people and the revolution.

So, millions of people are now back in Tahrir Square Tuesday, 27.11.2012, not only to demand the cancellation of the constitutional declaration but also for the departure of President Mohamed Morsi and even the latter was supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist forces who took to the streets to support.

The days before the consolidation of millions of people in several Egyptian cities between supporters and opposition Morsi, there were dead and wounded and public and private properties were destroyed while it showed that Egypt is on the edge of a civil war.

The problem of Egypt now is not only in the Constitutional Declaration, but also because the son of the Egyptian revolution (forces of nationalism and people's organizations and non-religious students) they were excluded from any role in the process of change that took place in Egypt against ousted president Hosni Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood can be represented by the the Shoura Council or the people or the government.

It was also noted that Egypt began to take the direction of a Muslim religious brotherhood in accordance with regulatory legislation that threatens the coexistence between people of all sects and religions.

We add to this, a very important issue which is that the president Morsi could not until now realized We add to this, a very important issue which is that the president Morsi could not until now made no completions for the benefit of groups of people who are against the old regime, where the unemployment rate has reached 10 % officially and the inflation rate reached almost 10% and the minimum wage reaches $ 50 a month. The most serious is that the number of Egyptians who live above the threshold of 40% of the population.

Everything Morsi trying to achieve is to borrow 4.5 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund, which will fall under the Egypt charge of internal and external debt.

One can ask whether the revolution has begun to eat its people or what happens is a cons-revolution to rectify the situation before things fester and become difficult to control and be controlled.




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