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GAZA returns the Palestinian issue at the forefront

November 16, 2012

A new Israeli military adventure led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Gaza who wants to change the rules of the game and re-enter the deterrent in parliamentary elections next month. But the facts of the war happen, showed that the Palestinian resistance is no longer in play, where she began to bomb Tel Aviv for the first time in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The spark that ignited the war began when the raid of the the Israeli army has killed the leader of Hamas's military operations; Ahmad Jaabari has launched an operation against armed groups in the Palestinian territory. After several hours, the rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, Israeli settlements beside Gaza and the rockets arrived in Tel Aviv and other areas far from Gaza over 75 km this confirms the lack of credibility of Israel, because it was said to have destroyed missiles worn long and has also been a large part of the Israeli population down fire from Palestinian resistance, and precautions taken by Israeli security forces have been asked by the settlers living in 40 km maximum Gaza Strip get into shelters.

Regardless of what Netanyahu and the minister of defense Barak launched as threats and the possibility of a ground invasion, the Israeli leadership has committed an error in his military calculations, what should reflect negatively on the political level team leader of Israel, for the following reasons:

- The possibility of the army of the Palestinian resistance is no longer as they were during the war of 2008-2009, but has grown in quantity and quality, the facts have proven that they used rockets type "Fajr-5" that arrives to 75-150 km, and they used rockets like "Cornet" anti-tank, and it is not unlikely that the resistance to another type of weapon developed that it can used in the right moment.

- The aggression against Gaza launched by Netanyahu called the quick move of Egypt, which withdrew its ambassador from Tel Aviv, and then the Arab League and the Security Council have called for emergency meetings, which means that the Mohamed Morsi Egypt is not the Hosni Mubarak Egypt, especially the brethren who govern Egypt are an extension of the brothers in Gaza.

- Whether the political changes caused by the "Arab Spring" in Tunisia, Libya and Yemen, came in order to provide greater support for the Palestinian cause.

- Netanyahu believed that the majority of Arabs are occupied by the Syrian file, and can take advantage of this to make a military coup to Hamas.

- Some considered that hitting Gaza is a message to Iran, which is like what they said, behind the equipment of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad with weapons developed, but Netanyahu was disappointed because the Palestinian response despite its modesty was severe, how it will be if it came directly from Iran? Especially as the plan of "Iron Dome" that has cost Israel and America hundreds of millions of dollars, has proven its inability to address the rockets from Gaza. Regarding the position of the international community, it was not a surprise because it is historically known that the decisions in America and Europe gives priority to the security of Israel, without any consideration of requests of the population is deprived of his land, his freedom and his life.

Most people think that Tel Aviv cannot get involved in the issue of war with Gaza because the reactions of the Arab street would be high, even the positions of most Western countries don’t keep silent, especially as balance of power is unequal between a people and several rockets from a country that has the strongest military in the Middle East. The product aggression by Israel is an embarrassment for President Barack Obama at the beginning of his second term; he has promised his constituents that he would support the creation of two states in Palestine, and even embarrassment the European leaders and especially French President who strongly supports the democratic process in Syria, while ignoring the Israeli terrorist act.

Far from all that, the Israeli aggression has return the Palestinian issue at the forefront after being inactive and forgotten in the inclusion of international policy makers.




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