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Does the President Obama repeat the same policy in his second term?

November 09, 2012

Barack Obama has clearly won the U.S. presidential election face the Republican Mitt Romney, and he managed to convince a majority of his countrymen that he was best placed to guide them for another four years, where he spent most of his attention on how to get the U.S. life, financial and economic crises without left out important international issue as the Iranian nuclear issue, the Israeli-Palestinian peace, terrorism, relations with Russia and China arriving at the Syrian crisis and its regional and international complications.
The President Barack Obama has been clear in his victory speech he gave when he addressed the Americans saying you had elected me president that I offer job opportunities, and that's what I will work on it.
This means that Obama will use all his efforts and experience in his first term to reduce the unemployment rate that has reached 8%, and the growth rate has not increased by more than 2% this year and reduce the worsening public debt has reached about $ 16 trillion, it must also be faithful to his election program next to continue the project to reform the health care system, raising taxes, reduce immigration, regulate abortion and gay marriage.
In terms of foreign policy, the President Obama doesn’t need a long period to determine its position, because he already had a strategy that cannot be replaced and which mainly includes the following folders:
- The military solution that Obama and Israel refuse, is the Iranian nuclear issue, preferring direct or indirect negotiation, even if it was accompanied by more sanctions in the international community on Iran which according to the American administration has begun to give its success as it has left a negative impact on the economic situation in Iran, prompting Tehran to cooperate with the 5 +1 system to find an appropriate solution for the Iranian nuclear issue.
This file was always a conflict between Washington and Tel Aviv, where Washington was opposed to Israel and do not allow for unilateral military action because its consequences affect every country in the world. For this reason, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his tendency candidate Mitt Romney against Barack Obama.
- The Syrian file that expects in the opinion of many observers, as Washington ended presidential elections to determine its position on the possibility of entering into a settlement that is a solution between what the United States and its allies raise and between what Russia and its allies is raising. Especially the evolution of the security situation showed the inability of the Syrian opposition to repay the regime of Bashar al-Assad and also showed the inability of the regime to stabilize the power. And again, the beginning of the leak negative impact in a number of countries in the region, especially in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq.
-There is also the Palestinian issue promised by Obama, if he is re-elected for a second term, to he will make a great effort to establish two neighboring states and put an end to this protracted conflict for over 60 years. This position doesn’t appeal much to the extreme right in Israel, but renews the hope of the Palestinian National Authority Palestinian divisions between lost and the impact of the 'Arab revolutions' and international promises are often false.
- And then there's the issue of terrorism, which is returned to occupy the beginning of events in more than one country, starting in Yemen, through Afghanistan, and arriving to Mali which coincides with the withdrawal of U.S. forces Afghanistan, as Obama has promised.
- There is also the issue of U.S. relations with China and Russia, where recently it appeared that Washington can no longer manage the affairs of the world alone if the Russian "Bear" and the Chinese "Dragon" woke up and have begun to find their position in more than one region in the world, and can no longer be ignored by America taking into account their influence on the Syrian and Iranian file to another folder and Africa and eastern Asia.
These files and other files that have international dimensions will be on the table in front of Obama in his second term in the hope that it leaves its mark in the resolution of any issue, especially What U.S. President knows that behaves differently in his second term of his first term.




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