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Algeria is preparing for war in Mali

November 01, 2012

The international Preparations are ongoing for the purpose of waging war against armed groups close to "Al Qaeda" and belong to the "Tawhid and Jihad movement " and "Ansar Al-Deen movement ", which take departure of northern Mali. But the remaining node is how to convince Algeria to participate in this war which should start from March 2013. According to the reports from Mali who say that these groups depend on the financing of its activities on a number of illegal operations, either through smuggling or kidnapping of Western hostages provided them a ransom against release, this in addition to enjoy the movement of weapons across the Libyan border, and the return of veterans who fought alongside Gaddafi during the Libyan revolution.

France was the most affected by these groups, which began to kidnap French nationals and then the United States by the death of the U.S. Ambassador by these groups.

Since not a lot of time, Paris is trying to convince Algeria to the need to participate in military operations to eliminate these groups but the Algerian authorities required in advance the rehabilitation of these martyrs who died at the hands of French forces at its colonization in Algeria during the first half of the twentieth century.

Paris had refused the request of Algeria, but with the arrival of the Socialist François Hollande for the presidency, the application was reactivated in the middle of a conflict at the French Senate where, the extreme right movement refuses to vote on the bill to devote one day each year to commemorate the deaths of the war of independence of Algeria lasted the year 1954 until the year 1962.

The National Assembly (parliament) approved in 2002 a bill making the day of 19 March of each year, a commemorate date, but the project was put aside after opponents (most of them are extremists straight) reported that it turn an old hatred and it'll be an insult to the settlers who were forced to leave at the end.”

After ten years of this, and 50 years after the end of the war in Algeria, with the presence of the left power in France, the members of the Socialists in the Senate raised the issue again and asked to vote on the bill itself. Washington came on the line to convince Algeria that the war against militant groups in Mali is not related to the French colonial Algeria; especially that information has shown the presence of Al-Qaeda in the south of Libya which is located in an oasis "Sabha" at the Libyan desert to train Salafi militants before sent them to Mali.

The French Sources say that Libyans and Egyptians Salafists are trying to train the fighters of Al-Qaeda, where dozens of fighters have left by "pickups" in Mali, from Niger.

The Journal "Le Canard Enchaîné" reported that about 300 fighters of Al-Qaeda arrived in Mali during the last period, they are from different nationalities (Mauritania, Niger, Egypt, Tunisia, Côte d'Ivoire), and they are armed very well.

According to the French newspaper, the French information estimated that the number of "Al Qaeda" fighters in northern Mali is 6000.

A resolution was adopted by the Security Council last 12th October to launch an international campaign where international decision gave the African Union a period of 45 days to move 3300 soldiers against Al-Qaeda in Mali. However, the French Defense Minister "Jean-Yves Le Drian" found it difficult to make war there in a period of 45 days. African force required is not ready at all, and is not militarily equipped, and so far there is no military leadership has declared its readiness to manage the multinational force, and here cannot rely on the small Malian army.

France seems to press the war in Mali before next March, where there is the rainy season there, and the French emergency will be made during the visit of President François Hollande in Algeria after two weeks from now. French journalist sources say that Holland will say to Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika that his country will be in danger if they continue to accept the existence of Al-Jihadist organizations on the border with it, apparently, the Algerian position is prudent because Algerians are afraid of the French plan to encircle after the fall of the two regimes "Gaddafi" and "Ben Ali" in relations tensions between Algeria and Morocco.




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