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An international report warns of the growth of fundamentalism in Syria

October 15, 2012

According to a report recently published "Management Center of international Crisis in Brussels" for the Syrian opposition to transmit a serious military stalemate until a political solution, and they should do more to battle increasing influence extremist Islamic groups, members of the international community must help through the coordination of its policies.

The report examined the Syrian situation under the title: “Is this Jihad? The fundamentalism opposition in Syria?” Based on personal interviews and public speeches armed groups themselves to explore the site Salafists within the spectrum and distinguishes between strict Salafi jihadists and their more extreme counterparts’ opposition.

The report dealt with how to transform the company into a weak and wobbly, and solutions brutal and devastating the situation and the existence of a very sensitive strategic environment. He called for a more nuanced understanding of the armed opposition as it is a very important thing.

The report indicates that the presence of the Salafist groups within the armed opposition is harmful and damaging and undeniable, but it is not necessarily irreversible. We cannot deny the advances made by the Salafists since the beginning of the protest movement, the circumstances were favorable, and the uprising is rooted in the social group and detailed loan size Salafi preachers represented in layers that have oppressed rural migrants to urban areas who tend to attribute staff people and away totally traditional support networks.

With the growth of violence, the wishes to achieve a swift end to the conflict and remote it has been shown that the alternatives available and shown in the peaceful demonstrations, the exiled leaders, moderate Islamists and Western intervention, all are ineffective or are an illusion. And many people have rushed to her because of the Salafists.

Peter Harling, Director for Iraq-Syria-Lebanon International Crisis Group, said, “Salafists gave essential elements that represent a compelling story and catchy and a strong sense of working for a noble goal, Finance and ammunition supporters Gulf Arabs fighters and experts among jihadists who fought in other battles.

But if Salafism came from impasse, so it is led to another impasse.

However, the Salafist domination on the ground of opposition is not a fatality, Syria has a long history in the moderate Islamic practices and she has always been proud of the peaceful coexistence between different communities. Citizens have seen the disastrous consequences of significant sectarian conflict when civil war drained two of its neighbors, Lebanon first, then Iraq. Finally, most of the opposition realized that the Salafist weakened the attractiveness of the opposition, and frightens the Syrian minorities do feel concern and its foreign donors, and prospects.

The report said that the Syrian opposition assume its responsibilities and put an end to slide into sectarian discourse increasingly extreme and put an end to bullying tactics. The same applies to members of the international community who are quick to blame the opposition divided and dragging extremism, both of which are actions divide the international community. As different countries have continued to take care of armed groups, so a bidding war and bid emerge and diminish any hope of coordinating the efforts of rebels and control the most extreme elements in their midst.

Robert Malley, Middle East-North Africa Program Director, International Crisis Group said that “a large part of the speech was focused on whether we should arm the opposition or not or if it was already armed, so that the weapon and why, but this is not a major issue. It is a question of rationalization and coordination of the support of the opposition and helps the emergence of a party more organized and efficient in the context of a negotiated settlement, and that must come sooner or later. Even those with the regime would be beneficial if they wish to see the current military stalemate devastating grows to become a political solution.”




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