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The Israeli aggression against Syria remains the region into a critical time

May 08, 2013

Israeli warplanes attacked Syrian military sites, which created great tension in the region. This seemed on the verge of a regional war will happen beyond the borders of Syria, under the current conflict between the axis led by Russia and another axis led by the United States.

Israel said it targeted a group of Hezbollah rockets and they managed to destroy before exporting to Lebanon. The West and the United States supported Israel and considered that it had the right to make a preemptive strike that will protect the future of security.

The Syrian opposition has considered that the Israeli attack came to give a justification for the regime of President Bashar al-Assad to more destruction on the grounds that the opposition is in collaboration with Israel.

The Syrian regime has held that the attack targeted the Syrian troops and stores of weapons to reduce the pressure on the opposition, which has recently suffered heavy losses against the Syrian army strikes at Banias and Al Qsayr in Damascus.

Regional and international forces entered on the line. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Israeli raid "unacceptable", and Iranian military commanders said that "the resistance will respond."

There was an emergency call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, without disclosing its contents.

At the media level, analysts search the goal of the military action of Israel, where some say that Tel Aviv is seeking to destroy the Syrian strategic facilities so these facilities don’t fall into the hands of the opposition after the fall of the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad. Others said that NATO is unable to intervene in Syria because of the position of rejecting Iran and Russia. That's why the task was entrusted to Israel.

It is certain that hundreds of other analyzes will be issued successively detected without the actual dimension of the Israeli aggression, because it will remain secret until the end of the Syrian crisis and beyond.

But that does not prevent us from lifting the results left by aggression and the most important are:

- The Syrian regime has decided to give a portion of the periphery of the Palestinian resistance the right to use the Golan as an arena to confront Israel after having been forbidden to do so since 1967.

- The Syrian army now has the right to respond to any new Israeli aggression without returning to the central leadership.

- The resistance in Lebanon is in alert and it was possible that it is committed militarily, especially as Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has already announced it will not allow allies to Syria fall Damascus and the Syrian regime.

- The Syrian regime has announced that it is ready to provide Hezbollah with all sorts of weapons needed, including the most developed.

- Russia has informed the United States that Damascus is Moscow, then in 1982, Russia is considered that Damascus Stalingrad.

The atmosphere suggests that everyone goes to the military option if there will be a new Israeli aggression.

Will the Syrian crisis has entered a new phase? Is the fire of the Syrian crisis begun to spread dangerously in the area? Who has the solution? The coming weeks will answer these questions.




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