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214 million migrants without rights

May 28, 2013

According to studies published by Amnesty International that the governments of the world are more concerned with maintaining the security of its borders and maintain the security of its citizens, which led to the migration of 214 million people for various reasons.

There are those who emigrated due to political persecution suffered in a country that does not respect human rights and does not depend on the principle of democracy and freedom of opinion and expression, and does not recognize multicultural lines, ideological or ethnic.

There are those who have emigrated from the country because of hunger, poverty and need, when they felt that their survival could cause their death and their families.

There are those who have emigrated from the country to seek work abroad after experiencing difficulties to his native country

There are those who have emigrated from their native country because they belong to a minority has no rights and are classified as belonging to citizens of the tenth class.

There are those who immigrated for religious reasons because they belong to a sect or doctrine contrary to the doctrine of power.

There are those who emigrated because their condition is in a war with a neighboring country because of a conflict on the ground or the sovereignty or fortune.

There are those who have emigrated from the country because of the outbreak of internal wars between a party with power and a party that presents itself as an alternative.

There are those who have fled their country because there are people who have occupied their land, their homes and their wealth.

The details explained that there are more than 6 million Palestinian refugees scattered in parts of the world, and two million Syrians live in squalid camps, millions of Africans living in the open air, thousands of illegal immigrants traveling in the sea ??into the unknown, countless of those who seek refuge in other countries numbers, and sleep on the ground without shelter and food.

Millions of people killed were forgotten and their bodies were buried in places that bear no number, no name or address.

The worst is that as most immigrants have escaped from purgatory fall into the clutches of hell where practiced against them in countries where they have sought refuge kinds of oppression and persecution.

That's why the Amnesty International criticized in particular Hong Kong, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait of failing to protect the rights of foreign domestic workers.

Italy which prevented "boatloads of Africans navigate the Italian coast and get security" and landing on European shores, has even criticized.

In Libya, "thousands of prisoners awaiting deportation centers in crowded, dirty detention."

The report condemns the policy of "shooting fire to kill" in Eritrea.

In Somalia, 1.1 million people were displaced from their homes during the two decades of conflict. The Amnesty received confirmed reports of sexual violence against women and girls in refugee camps around the capital, Mogadishu.

In neighboring Kenya, where huddled over 468,000 refugees in the largest refugee camp in Dadaab in the world, the majority of Somalis are exposed to the excesses committed by police officers.

Sudan, Gabon and the Bahamas, refugees and asylum seekers are forced to return to their country. Ukraine responds to requests for extradition from other countries, even after the desired granted political asylum.

The freedom of man and his rights are only traded goods in the media and become worthless before the competition for the realization of self-interest.




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