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Turkey is entering an unexpected crisis

June 19, 2013

We don’t expect a crisis in Turkey, the focus is always towards Ankara in the region that develops economically and politically level significantly, despite the impact of the Syrian and Iraqi file and that they are a regional and international dimensions of the future relations between Turkey, and Russia and Iran.

Nobody imagined that a project to remove the Taksim Square Garden to build a shopping center and a mosque would be a strong reaction such as in Turkey today. It was noted a political division despite the Party of Justice and Development headed by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan still has the political majority.

The conflict today is clearly between a party that seeks to re-Islamization of Turkey and between a party that wants to maintain secularism as a legacy of civilization by the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

If Erdogan considers that the demonstrations made ??in Ankara and Istanbul and other cities, and was attended by workers, lawyers, students, political parties and associations of civil society is a "terrorist organization”. Erdogan's opponents see the project Garden City "Taksim" is a series of projects that aim to change the identity of Turkey's Islamist Salafist which is consistent with the arguments and aspirations of the "Muslim Brotherhood ".

The opposition shows several complaints about Erdogan such as:

- Erdogan isolated senior General of the Army movement of secular and replaced by the Islamic movement.

- Erdogan deliberately marginalized the other sects, including the Alawites that are about 20 million people.

- Erdogan wanted to make a shopping center in Taksim Square and build a mosque not to modernize the place, but to remove the statue of Kemal Ataturk.

- Erdogan has used the introduction of Islamic education programs in public schools.

- The transfer of Erdogan of Turkey to a state of "zero problems" in a state of "zero peace" with neighboring countries.

-Removing Erdogan media freedom, where Turkey ranks first in the world in terms of arresting journalists or those expelled from their work.

- The foreign policy of Turkey has destabilized the security in the country, and the proof is the explosion of "Rihaniyya."

- Erdogan's policy has led to the weakening economy and declining levels of growth from 8 to 3%.

- Erdogan treats Turkish that it is their majorities, but in fact his party is only 50%.

What Erdogan has done so far is the transgression of the prestige of the state that is still not the solution. And it should not allow the opposition to achieve great victories because municipal and legislative elections are very close.

The fear that foreign powers are involved and benefit from the situation, which will take Turkey to a different site than it is today, where the situation is still solvent and reaches a settlement.




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