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The fall of the dream of a state of "Muslim Brotherhood"

August 06, 2013

Some Arab and Western reports have revealed information disclosed by the former Libyan Foreign Minister Abdel Rahman Chalkam in his book "The murder of Gaddafi" on a plan to build a state of the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood, "which includes Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

According to the process of changing events in the Arab region, several studies have predicted that Turkey, Syria, Jordan and the Gaza Strip will be joined to the state later and Qatar will have a specific role.
According to the geo-strategic analysis, such a state means the birth of an important regional bloc at the following levels:

-The presence of a geographical connection between the region that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the east and west and a road which extends from Asian - European Turkey to North Africa with an area of about 4 million square kilometers and a population of almost 210 million people.
- This area overlooks the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, and is linked to Europe, Asia and Africa at the terrestrial level.
- It has a petroleum wealth in Libya, Syria and Egypt and mineral resources in several countries, an industrial experience developed in Turkey, vast agricultural land and rich water resources, tourist and archaeological sites and young artistic and technical workers.

-The GDP of all these countries is estimated at least to one trillion dollars per year.

At the political level, the implementation of this block will reduce any role of Arab league and the Islamic Cooperation Organization, the future of the region will be decided according to its agenda.
But the following developments have reversed all its expectations:

-The clashes and demonstrations in “Taksim” square in Turkey and later the Kurdish mobilization in northern Syria which aims to establish autonomy and its strong effect on the Kurdish presence in Turkey.
-The outbreak of another revolution in Egypt and  the isolation of President Morsi by military forces and the nomination of another authority as a preparation to amend the Constitution and conduct further presidential and legislative elections.
- The change of the governor and the government of Qatar.

-The isolation of the Hamas movement after losing all his old and new allies.
- A popular movement in Tunisia under the authority of the renaissance movement.
-A non-stabilized situation in Libya and tribal confrontments and militias and the weak position of power.
-The ability of King Abdullah II of Jordan to take the lead supported by the army and the people.


- Changes in the composition of the leadership of the Syrian opposition against the previous structure.

Thus, we can report the fall of the dream state of "Muslim brothers", and for these reasons, it also reflects the violent reaction of the Muslim Brotherhood and all its allied powers.




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