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The Saudi-Iranian summit and its challenges

October 01, 2013

The summit between King Abdullah bin Abdelaziz Arabia and Iranian President Hassan Rohani is the most important after Rohani declared his intention to travel to Mecca for the pilgrimage following a formal invitation from the Saudi king

This summit is of outstanding importance as the conflict between the two countries has reached a maximum and its negative impact on the whole region as each country has its regional place in a system of local and regional allies.

All observers agree that any Arabia-Iran agreement is supposed to leave positive effects on important issues and to end the tension on several levels.

It is certain that the summit will not find solutions for old and major crises and cannot restore lost confidence between the two countries, but this meeting will divest passage to remove the barricades between Riyadh and Tehran as a preamble to find solutions to common issues that surely would need a long time to find mutually satisfactory solutions

The issues causing the discrepancy between the two countries are numerous and complex and resolution requires flexibility in the negotiations on the base of "compromise" because it is impossible for one party to win and for the other to completely lose.


It is sufficient to enumerate the negotiable issues according to their importance where the Syrian case is first, followed by the records of Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and the nuclear issue Iran.

As part of these issues, comes sectarian tension in the Arab and Islamic world and a race to get weapons between the countries of the region, terrorist movements and expiatory currents. In addition to security and stability in the region and how to reactivate and strengthen bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran and between Iran and the Arab Gulf states on the basis of respect for each country to other countries' sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs.

The Riyadh and Tehran have key solutions for some of these abovementioned issues but there are issues of international dimension which solution is in Moscow and Washington and other capitals and this requires regional and international compromise.

But the prevailing logic shows that it is impossible to find a solution through force because it causes more devastation and destruction, however, it was necessary to have recourse to the negotiating table to discuss all the details freely and with credibility especially since international climates have shown that the time is right for a compromise under a rule that each party respects the interests and rights of others.

It remains to wait for the summit meeting between the king of Saudi Arabia and the Iranian president which is optimistic for people in the region.




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