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Historical handshake between Hollande and Rohani

October 02, 2013

Not seen since 2005. The French and Iranian presidents shook hands Tuesday, before discussing at the UN headquarters the Iranian nuclear program, Syria and Lebanon.

Surrounded by a dozen of photographers and camera crews chosen by the two delegations, Francois Hollande also addressed a few welcome words to the Iranian president, who wore his traditional outfit. Then they rushed into the office of the French delegation of the UN headquarters.

Under guard, the two leaders, their foreign ministers, Laurent Fabius and Mohammad Javad Zarif, and some relatives sat around a glass table

Francois Hollande will be the only Western leader prominent to a meeting with the new Iranian leader during the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations.

Eight years earlier, the previous meeting between the two heads of French and Iranian state had joined Jacques Chirac and the reformist Mohammad Khatami in Paris, during a Unesco demonstration.




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