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The Putin era in Russian history books

October 03, 2013

The Ministry of Education decided to include the history of Russia up to the last presidential election, which until the year 2012, in the Russian history book. But Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that this is not the right time for judgments of modern reality.

The period since 2000 when Vladimir Putin assumed the presidency from Boris Yeltsin, until his election to a third term in 2012 is the subject of a special chapter in the new edition of the Book of the date provided in the Russian schools.

Russian newspaper « Izvestia » said according to an official of the Ministry of Education:"Following extensive consultations, it was decided that the history book includes the history of Russia up to the last presidential election." the official admitted that several doubts and problems between those responsible up to the agreement on the manual of history.

Putin ordered at the beginning of this year the historians of the Russian Academy of Sciences to prepare a unified manual to teach students history of their country in public schools.

In February last year, the Russian president asks historians to write a book without a unified internal contradictions and non-clear facts alluding to his dissatisfaction with the plurality of views and positions contained in the current book.

The newspaper « Izvestia » said that the decision of the members to write a special chapter to the years of Putin's presidency has sparked unrest and tension between researchers whose task is to prepare the new history book.




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