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The dialogue between Riyadh and Tehran is not less important than the US-Iranian dialogue

October 10, 2013

World has been concerned about the good relationship between the US and Iran ,especially the observers who have written theses about a dialogue that is not done yet, while the meeting between King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and  the Iranian President Hassan Rohani was of less importance.

Some analysts deliberately said that any dialogue between Washington and Tehran is a " severe hit " to Riyad, trying behind this suggestion to show that Saudi Arabia is against any dialogue, or as if Saudi Arabia wants to keep the tension in the Middle East and the Gulf.

These analysts did not take into consideration that Saudi Arabia is an integral part of the power system in the region and no one can go beyond its role nor its position on the political, security and economical levels.

They forgot also that the rulers of Saudi Arabia were the first to congratulate Hassan Rouhani’s election, who, as soon as he declared his intention to visit Saudi Arabia as the first neighboring country, the king himself sent him an official invitation to the pilgrimage and to discuss important issues in the region.

If the occupations of the Iranian president did not allow him to respond to the invitation, this does not mean that other meetings may not be held as soon as possible which shows that Riyad will seize any opportunity for a ray of hope among these several conflicts.

His foreign policy is not therefore based on the US-Iran dialogue, but instead on what is in favor of the security and stability in the region as Saudi Arabia is the first caring country among the great powers seeking only their interests.

Iran, such as Saudi Arabia is directly involved and to the same extent, it is important to hold a summit meeting between the two countries, if not to resolve the differences, at least to communicate through the media.

Saudi Arabia needs guarantees on the goals of the Iranian nuclear project in case this goal was military.

Saudi Arabia wants to know what is happening in their Iranian background in Bahrain.

Saudi Arabia is anxious to know the role of Houthis in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia seeks an answer on the fate of islands in the Emirates.

Saudi Arabia is interested, but also concerned by what is happening in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian issue.

Saudi Arabia, which is looking to develop better relations with neighboring Iran based on mutual respect, good neighborliness and non-interference of the state in Affairs of other states, wants to develop and strengthen bilateral relations with Iran because this will have its effects on the entire region.

Iran certainly has requirements, concerns, and interests on many issues that can only be dealt with by a responsible and constructive, transparent and honest dialogue on the round table to discuss all issues unequivocally.

Therefore, this dialogue is not less important than the US – Iran dialogue, with the recognition of all parties that certain issues have international dimensions that cannot be ignored or underestimated.




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