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Azerbaijan President Aliyev wins the presidential election for the third time

October 14, 2013

Azerbaijani outgoing President Ilham Aliyev won the presidential election, opening up the way for a third five-year term, said on Thursday partial results.

The presidential election in Azerbaijan was a triumph of democracy, "the president said in a televised speech to the nation broadcasted on Thursday morning." The fact that the vote was free and transparent is an important step towards democracy.

Aliyev won about 84.6 percent of the votes of 98% of the vote, according to the latest results announced by the Central Election Commission

His main opponent, Jamil Hasanli didn’t take than less than 5% of the vote, according to these results.
The opposition candidate quickly denounced fraud and warned that he does not recognize the election results.

The participation rate was 72% over 5 million voters, according to the Central Election Commission at the close of the polls.




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