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European calls to take care of Syrian refugees

October 18, 2013

The head of the European Liberal parliamentary bloc has accused European countries not to take care of Syrian refugees; Guy Verhofstadt urged EU countries and the European Commission to organize an international conference to discuss the refugee problem.

The German MEP Manfred Weber specified the number of refugees that the Union intends to host.

It is worth mentioning that Germany has agreed to host five thousand refugees and Sweden 1900, while other countries have expressed their willingness to receive 50 refugees.

The French Commissioner Michel Barnier declared on behalf of the European Commission the right of the European Union to be prepared for a significant flow of Syrian refugees in Europe, during the debate on Syria in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He added: "We must be prepared for the possibility of a greater flow of Syrian refugees," noting that several countries, including Bulgaria and  Greece are facing a massive flow of Syrian refugees, "but this is more a national issue, it is a matter across all Europe.”




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