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London and Teheran to reopen their embassies

October 18, 2013

Britain and Iran are engaged in a process of normalization which could lead to the reopening of their respective embassies in Tehran and London, said the Foreign Secretary, William Hague.

This decision comes after the new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani seeks to establish good relations with the West as an attempt to break the isolation that lasted for decades.

It also coincides with what has been said by the United States about the fact that it is ready to Iran’s Participation to the peace conference on Syria.

"Our two countries will each appoint a non-resident person charged of affairs whose task will be to revive relations, including taking temporary measures to reopen the embassies eventually " said William Hague to the British Parliament.

Relations between the United Kingdom and the Islamic Republic are virtually been frozen since the sacking of the British diplomatic mission in Tehran by protesters in 2011.

Referring to Tehran's nuclear program, the head of British diplomacy added that the Iranians were to make "substantial changes" if they want international sanctions lifted.

He added that the fate of relations between Great Britain el Iran depends on precise measurements of the both sides.




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