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How far is the dialogue between America and Iran serious? And what are the expected results?

October 23, 2013

The Euro-Arab Center for Studies brings up in his electronic campus www.ceea.com from 13 to 20/10/2013 a debate about: «  How far is the dialogue between America and Iran serious? And what are the expected results?".

74 participants from different nationalities from the Arab world and the West, and who belong to various social strata Contributed to this dialogue. As a result of opinions showed that there are several points of view can be referred to it as follows:

1-25 Participants or 59.5% felt that the American-Iranian dialogue will lead to an agreement for an area demilitarized of chemical weapons. According to them, Iran will have power and influence in the Arab world due to its nuclear program.

2-15 participants or 35.7% think that American-Iranian dialogue is not important.

3- 2 participants or 4.7% believe that the agreements between the two parties are revealed to the public.

The opinion of the Euro-Arab Center for Studies:

 There is a good climate between the United States and Iran currently and it is reflected positively on the 5 +1 meeting, which was held recently in Geneva.

This is considered as a test to determine the intentions after a break of 30 years to rebuild the lost trust between the two parties.

It is certain that all US dialogue - will not just treat Iranian nuclear issue but will address several issues in the region, including the Syrian issue, Palestine, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as the security of the Gulf.

However, this is not the time to talk about expectations because this is just the beginning and any bilateral dialogue will not lead to the desired results unless other forces in the region join it especially Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which is directly affected by what is happening and cannot accept any intervention in its affairs.




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