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Turkey’s accession to EU is still far to achieve

October 24, 2013

The European Commission has published a report on the policy of expansion, and praised Turkey for its commitment to democratic reform, but strongly criticized the excessive use of force to disperse demonstrations in  "Djezzy" park in Istanbul, a few months ago, and also restricting the freedom of expression and press.

We were on the side , but we criticized at the same time how the protests were suppressed few months ago, we made a recommendation in this regard, we also support the positive measures for the peace process in the Kurdish region of southeast of Turkey , said Stefan Füle, the European Commissioner for enlargement of the EU.

It is noteworthy that negotiations for Turkey's accession to the European Union witnessed a milestone today after three years of stalemate. This will open negotiations on Chapter 22, which discusses regional policy in a Convention of thirty-three chapters.




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