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Mutual spying between the United States and France

October 29, 2013

The U.S spying "Prism"  program was discovered after several years of intense activity, this program is part of a larger program called "Eichlon" that provides Washington news and information about the world.

According to the justifications of the United States, this program has economic purposes not related to security or politics, but what is not justified is to spy on 30 world leaders and especially German Chancellor Angela Merkel .

This added tension between United States and Europe, but certainly won’t lead to breaking bilateral relations, retreating ambassadors or bringing the case to the Security Council, Europe only requires from Washington a clarification and a promise not to repeat it again.

We should mention  that tFrench have been subjected to U.S. spying but their reaction was  less than Germans, either because they are unable to face the united states, because Paris is a need for ongoing cooperation with Washington, , or because  President Francois Hollande is unable to take a  position  due to his  low popularity and the social and economic problems he is facing.

Whatever the reason was , the position of the Elysee is criticized by the French public who requested Hollande  to take the same position as Merkel.

French were not aware that Paris is also involved in internal and external spying operations , as reported the French newspaper «  le numerique » , and that the French government owns a spying program called “CNIL” which is similar to ‘’Prism “ as a high scale spying program . The scandal of Prism revealed in July last year caused the regression of the French program for fear that the crisis will take place again in France.

The news paper said the problem consists now in knowing the nature of the mechanism used by the French spying program, governments are still unable to justify to citizens this violation of their private life, and this brought them many doubts.

To confirm this, a European website published that France is also spying like Washington, stressing that France has her own spying program which costs 10 billion Euros and 5 thousands agents to collect the largest number of data, phone calls and emails.

The website showed that France is using the same excuse as the US saying that this program is used against potential terrorists threatening the French interests.

Eventually, this isn’t strange to the US and France but what is surprising is that Arabs were victims of spying and do not own a spying program, however they choose to remain silent and did not release a condemnation speech at least.




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