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Expectations for the loss of Hollande in the next elections

October 30, 2013

80% of French voters believe that President Francois Hollande, will not win the presidential elections in 2017, according to an opinion poll.
The popularity of the socialist president has fallen to its lowest level since his election in May because of the anger of unemployment and rising taxes and differences in government and the party of power.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive Institute found that 76% of respondents do not consider Hollande "a person who maintains a promise” while 68% considered that  he was" not competent. "

In contrast, 54% of those surveyed in October 21 and 22 believe that the Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls will exceed the right coalition candidate in the presidential elections in 2017, while 16% believe that Hollande is capable of winning.
It is recognized in France that the outgoing president represents his party in the next election.




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