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Norway has refused to help the United States to destroy nuclear weapons in Syria

October 31, 2013

Norway has rejected the request of the United States to help  in the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons, saying that this choice is not suitable because it does not have the personnel,  the equipment and  the appropriate laws.

Washington has asked Norway, a member of NATO, to destroy a part of Syrian chemical weapons under an agreement concluded by the United States with Russia after the attack, which took place on August 21 at the edge of Damascus and killed 1,400 people. It also requested this from other countries.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Norway has "seriously considered" the U.S. request but noted that it is not able to accomplish this mission due to time constraints and external factors, including the ability and regulatory requirements. "

The statement added that "the two countries have reached a common understanding that Norway is not the most appropriate location for this process of destruction.




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