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French football clubs to strike over government's 75% 'super tax' plan

November 15, 2013

French football clubs said Thursday they will push ahead with a historic strike after President Francois Hollande rejected their demands to be exempt from a 75 percent tax on high-earners.

The strike -- planned for the last weekend of November and including clubs from France's League 1 and League 2 first and second divisions will last for 2 years.

 In response to this situation, professional football clubs in League 1 and League 2 announced a "white day" end of the month to protest against the law and that’s by missing the games of seasons 15 and 16 for leagues 1 and 2.

"The rule is the same for all, said Francois Hollande, the Protestant parties suggested an amendment to eliminate taxes on the purchase contracts of players, but the French government has not responded to this request.

Between the 20 clubs, 14 are covered by this law; this Law does not affect the Club Monaco which is owned by Russian billionaire.




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