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Failure of an attempt of thousands of immigrants to cross Spain

November 25, 2013

The forces of Spanish and Moroccan security foiled an attempt by about a thousand immigrants to enter the desert enclave of Melilla from Morocco, as announced the municipality of the city.

The municipality said in a statement that the migrants came down from Mount Gorogo, which oversees Melilla on the Moroccan coast, and turned to the border fence between Morocco and the Spanish region.

He added that the immigrants, who were dispersed by Moroccan security forces have tried to access one of the centers of the Farhana border, before returning to the Moroccan territory, "without an attempt to exceed the border."

The objective of the triple barrier, which extends over 11 km, and a height of 7 meters is to avoid systematic intrusions carried out by immigrant groups originate from sub-Saharan Africa. But some of them manage to pass the border, which is with the other Spanish enclave of Ceuta in northern Morocco, the only land crossing point between the African and European continents.




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