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Efforts for a trade agreement between the European Union and China

December 13, 2013

British Prime Minister David Cameron wanted to promote trade between Britain and China, during his first visit Monday to Beijing.
Cameron, who arrived in Beijing in the three-day visit, said that his country seeks to play an important role in the expansion of China, which in turn referred to the opening of its markets.
Cameroon Campaign for a trade agreement between the EU and China will boost the wrath of the European Commission. He knows that the Committee is firmly opposed to such a move.

The Committee fears the large presence of Chinese cheap exports and it is in conflict with Beijing because of the export of solar panels.
It is expected that Cameron asked this question during a meeting with Chinese Prime minister Li Keqiang. His office said that Cameron was the first European leader to initiate such an agreement.

He added that he has already discussed the idea of ??a free trade agreement between the EU and China, with other EU Member States. This convention will focus on the liberalization of services and improve the protection of intellectual property rights.

Cameron told reporters traveling with him on the plane to Beijing that  he realizes this idea is not supported by all EU Member States, but noted that it can be an opportunity to confront Beijing on intellectual property rights and commercial standards.




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