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Romania calls on the UK to respect its employees

December 13, 2013

Romanian Prime Minister has asked Britain not to treat Romanian as second-class citizens when job restrictions on Roman and Bulgarian will be raised on January 1st.

British Prime Minister David Cameroon has reported taking steps to introduce social assistance to immigrants from the EU, while Great Britain feared that the Romans and the Bulgarian will abuse the British social assistance system.

Cameron said that about one million persons from Central and Eastern Europe live in Britain, while immigration has reached an unprecedented scale since the war.

In a statement, the Prime Minister of Romania, Victor Ponta said that those who exploit the British social assistance system should be punished but this should not be used "to generate or justify abuse or discrimination against European citizens.

Ponta added: "We will not accept being treated as second-class citizens," stressing that scientific research has shown that "no reasons to worry about the wave of immigrants" from Romania into Great Britain.

Millions of Romanians have chosen to work in foreign countries such as  Latin countries of the South ", such as Spain and Italy, country of origin of the Latin language.




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