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Is the priority of the West actually overthrowing the Syrian regime or fighting against the foreign jihadists?

December 19, 2013

The Euro-Arab Center for Studies brings up in his electronic campus www.ceea.com from8 to 16 / 12/ 2013 a debate about: Is the priority of the West actually overthrowing the Syrian regime or fighting against the foreign jihadists?

63 participants from different nationalities from the Arab world and the West, and who belong to various social strata Contributed to this dialogue. As a result of opinions showed that there are several points of view can be referred to it as follows:

1-40 participants or 63.5% felt that the priority of the West is now neither to overthrow the Syrian regime nor to fight against foreign jihadists. In their view, the West is currently working on the preparation of the form of the Syrian state according to its own criteria, including Israel's security as a first aim.

2- 17 participants or 26. 9% believe that fighting against foreign jihadists is the priority of the West now.

3- 6 participants or 9.5% felt that the West and President Assad agreed to fight against the jihadists in Syria.

The opinion of the Euro-Arab Center for Studies:

The evolution of events in Syria showed that the West  has no longer the overthrowing  of the Assad regime as a priority for several reasons including:

- The fact that the Syrian regime has achieved several victories and was able to control most of the Syrian territories.
- The opposition has proven fragility and has not reached  an agreement on a political agenda or a united military level.

- Liberal forces as well as moderate seem to be marginalized and have no efficiency on the  political and military scenes, while jihadist forces are well organized.

This has prompted fears of great powers since any victory by Forces of jihadists would be used not only in Syria but also in international regions, it is expected that hundreds of European originated jihadists return home with a large experience and an accurate ideology.

It is clear that the West is more keen on finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis, but the final solution does not seem to occur in the near future.




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