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A draft law in France to turn the"Post colonial page"

December 19, 2013


A draft law on political development and international solidarity, adopted on Wednesday by the Cabinet, should enable France to be more transparent and to turn for good "postcolonial page," said Minister Pascal Canfin.

The text, which responds to a campaign promise of President Francois Hollande will be presented to Parliament in the first quarter of 2014 and constitute a fisrt time in the history of the Republic," said Mr Canfin to AFP, reaffirming that priority would be given to Africa.

For Pascal Canfin, it is "definitely turning a page in the history of the policy of development related to the post-colonial administration" by establishing "a more transparent democratic politics, and therefore more effective" under parliamentary oversight.

Another novelty, a National Council for development and international solidarity (CNDSI) will be created to allow "regular consultation with civil society and all stakeholders in the development," he says.

"We need to adapt our policy in the 21st century, with the purpose assumed and claimed sustainable development in its three dimensions: economic, social and environmental," says Canfin.




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