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December 26, 2013

The situation is more ambiguous in Africa, deep conflicts exist within the transitional government of the country, the French forces strengthens its presence with helicopters north of the capital Bangui, which is dominated by the Christian militias supporting the former President François Bozizé against Muslim militias Seleka.

France is preparing in Boali as a strengthening support for the African force, said François Fabius.
The CAR reached "alarming levels of sectarian violence," especially between Christians and Muslims but especially between rebel militias Seleka of former president . All have suffered abuses by militias. Anti-balakas Christians mercenaries, launched particularly violent offensive against Muslim civilians suspected of being members of the rebel coalition  Seleka that overthrew in March President François Bozizé.

One female refugee describes what happened to bring her to the camp: “They have weapons. I have seen that for myself. They came from the church, and they broke everything. They stole everything from my house,” she said.

Corroded by fear of others, the civilians of Bassangoa deserted town to find refuge in protected  camps by French soldiers camps by Sangaris operation.




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