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Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel re-elected for a third mandate

December 30, 2013

Conservative Angela Merkel was elected by an overwhelming majority Chancellor of Germany for the third time by MPs.
Considered the most powerful woman in the world, Angela Merkel topped the legislative at the end of September, she received 462 votes of 621 total voters, according to the statement, 150 members voted against her and nine voted white. She received bunches of flowers from members of the federal union and thanked them for their trust.

Merkel's re-election comes after difficult negotiations that have remained for months between the party which is led by the Democratic Party of the Christian Union and the Socialist Party to come eventually to the formation of a new government  that will govern the country for four full years.

The new government in Germany is composed of fourteen departments. The Christian Democratic Party Merkel kept eight of them and awarded six ministries to members of the Socialist Party, which was considered the winner of the agreement to form a government after gains.




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