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The EU requires Saudi Arabia reciprocity on visa

December 30, 2013

The European Union has set a condition to exempt Saudi to obtain a Schengen visa and the visa of the UK, it requires Gulf States reciprocal visa and  to allow European citizens to enter Saudi Arabia without a visa.

According to the Saudi newspaper "economic" Dr. york vian, Adviser to the Delegation of the European Union in Saudi Arabia said that the most important criterion applied by the European Union to exempt States of visas to enter the country is the principle of reciprocity and to enable EU citizens to enter other countries without needing a visa in advance, which is applied in the country of United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman and which Saudi Arabia did not apply, and described it as one of the most accurate  country to give a visa for citizens of European Union states .

He has emphasized that the European Union welcomes this step and have in their hands the visa exemption for  Saudi Arabians and citizens of Gulf , but it just needs a reciprocity in these procedures.




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