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Italy provides a port for the transfer of Syrian chemical weapons

December 31, 2013

Italy expressed its willingness to provide port to use for transferring the Syrian arsenal of chemical weapons to destroy ships in the sea.

The Italian official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the use of the port is the maximum role that Italy can offer in the process of destruction of chemical weapons in Syria, stressing that the chemicals do not affect the Italian territory any time, but he did not clarify the name of the port used.

Syria will render chemical weapons, "Category A", including chemicals necessary for the production of sarin and mustard gas following the massacre of Gouta of Damascus last august .

Danish and Norwegian vessels are stationed in Cyprus, waiting to escort two cargo ships, which must collect chemical agents at the port of Latakia on the Syrian coast.

It is unclear yet how to transport containers of chemicals from Danish and Norwegian vessels to vessels of the United States.




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