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About CEEA

CEEA (Euro-Arab Center for Studies), an association ruled by the 1901 French Law of associations, was created in Paris in March 1992 by a group of Arab and European scholars and businessmen. 

The CEEA forum of information and knowledge exchanges, aims at contributing to develop and strengthen the Euro-Arab relationships in different fields, in addition to publicizing and defending some legitimate Arab and European causes. 

The CEEA organizes international colloquiums and conferences and publishes the proceedings of such meetings. It also takes part in similar events organized by official or private Arab or foreign organizations. Besides, it publishes studies and researches made by specialists of various fields of interest. The CEEA issues a periodical Newsletter. This trilingual (English - French – Arabic) Newsletter provides an objective and deeply analyzed view of current events. 

CEEA center will : 

1-Publish all update news in the different fields through Ceea web-site . 
2-Distrbute and send the newsletter(1200) to the personals members e-mail 
3-Publish all studies and specialized researches on the electronic library by the internet . 

The main financing of the CEEA is composed of

• Memberships’ subscriptions 
• E-sales of publications in our E-library of books, studies and strategic researches 
• Subscriptions to the Newsletter. 
• Donations and financial subsidies from supporting organizations and personalities.





Studies and Research