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  • Iran: doctrines and revolution challenges

    July 05, 2007

    This work treats Iranian revolution experiment, in a critical and objective way. It shows also internal and external challenges, on ideological, political, cultural, and economical level. more

  • Arab reforms and international challenges (second edition)

    May 04, 2005

    This book treats the events that followed September 11 and their negative impacts on Arabs. It also treats the Zionists attempts to benefit from the situation and the role of the Christians of the  ...more

  • Saudi Arabia and the 21st century challenges

    March 05, 2003

    This work discusses in general, the Saudi Arabia political role on internal, regional, worldwide level and in particular his relation with Palestinian problem. It also analyses criticisms of  ...more

  • Prospects and guarantees of Euro - Arabic investments

    July 05, 2001

    This book gathers work of the ninth international conference, organized by the Euro - Arab Center for Studies in Beirut and which comprises interventions discussing laws of Arab and world  ...more

  • Structural features of the Palestinian State

    March 05, 2001

    It is a research approaching basic features of the Palestinian State at the time of its declaration, and its futuristic prospects in geographical, political, demographical and economical domains.  ...more

  • Arabian Gulf islands: Conflict reasons… and solutions requirements (Second edition)

    March 05, 2001

    This book comprises work of a seminar organized by the Euro – Arab Center for Studies on the gulf islands, treating their historic and strategic dimensions. As it questions future relations between  ...more

  • Arab and Islamic World and human`s right

    December 05, 2000

    This work comprises interventions and debates of the international seminar organized by the Euro – Arab Center for Studies in Geneva, and which objectively discussed various points of, Arab and  ...more

  • Islam and historical fundamentalism

    October 05, 2000

    This work presents a study on the meaning of fundamentalism, so that the Arab - Islamic civilization base renewal, demand a: research in Arab bases and in oriental and occidental human resources,  ...more

  • Judicial settlement of B.O.T. project

    September 05, 2000

    It is a specialized book for researchers and senior executive of governmental departments in underdeveloped countries, whom were indicated to direct negotiations and to sign international contracts.more

  • Arab water security

    June 05, 2000

    This book comprises work of the eighth international conference, organized by the Center in Cairo (2000). It gathers the conference interventions, discussing Arab water crisis and their impacts on;  ...more

  • Evolution of the contemporary Islamic political thought

    November 05, 1999

    This work seeks, relationship reality, between religion and state, and if it is ordered by the Holy Koran, or if it is a simple political relation. This work, also tries to read Arab – Islamic  ...more

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