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  • The reinforcement of commercial relations between Europe and Israel

    November 07, 2007

    The European Union has held conversations with Israel on Thursday the first of November 2007 to reinforce the relations in the business and economic fields. Twenty of the business leaders in Europe  ...more

  • The Nuclear Power between Europe and Egypt

    November 07, 2007

    The European Union has declared that he will study intensively the Egyptian decision of building nuclear stations for peaceful use.
    The spokesman of the European Commission for nuclear power  ...more

  • The Eastern countries and the Schengen zone.

    November 07, 2007

    The European Union has declared on the 31 of October 2007 that the Countries of Eastern Europe have fulfilled the conditions to join the secure Schengen zone for good and this from the first of  ...more

  • The difficulties of the European Diplomacy

    October 25, 2007

    Despite the betting of the European Nations now about the accordance on the new simple treaty of the European unity to activate the interior political act in the European Union and to develop its  ...more

  • The returning of the tensions between Turkey and the West

    October 25, 2007

    Troubles have just reappeared between Turkey and the West in the light of the movement of the Armenian activists from one side and the Turkish aggravation against the Kurds in northern Iraq from  ...more

  • France, the European Union and the NATO

    October 25, 2007

    The political and secure committee of the European Union formed of the ambassadors of twenty seven European nations` members in Brussels, has studied French suggestions for developing the  ...more

  • Belgium: the trial of terrorist elements.

    October 25, 2007

    It is going in Brussels now and until the middle of the coming month, the trial of a terrorist cell members, accused of recruitment of Belgium and foreign members to fight in Iraq. This cell  ...more

  • Legal investigation against Total

    October 04, 2007

    The legal authorities in Belgium decided to throw back the legal investigations against the French company TOTAL for its illegal activities in Burma and for its illegal workers that are working in  ...more

  • An European center for the politics of the foreign afairs.

    October 04, 2007

    Brussels announced the construction of a new center that will be specialized for the European foreign politics. This center will have for goal to propagate the European diplomatic activities in the  ...more

  • The European Parliament insists on the unit of Iraq

    October 04, 2007

    The European parliament declared its sustain for the Iraqi people and its availability to help in the execution of the national reconciliation, and it also declared its opposition to the division of  ...more

  • The European spatial navigation program.

    October 04, 2007

    The European countries reported until the end of the year 2007 the history of financing of the European spatial navigation program that is known under the system of Galileo.
    This program  ...more




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