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  • Saudi Arabia: preparations
    to protect the oil installations

    September 03, 2007

    The fourth stage of formation of a protective team of the oil installations has been finished so that the 5th can begin in October 2007 and this project will include 35 thousand of security men.  ...more

  • Iraq: the death of 200 journalists
    since the American invasion.

    September 03, 2007

    The association "journalists without borders" declared that the number of the journalists that died in Iraq since the American invasion in March 2003 rose until 200 deaths. The report of this  ...more

  • Merkel the strongest woman in the world

    September 03, 2007

    The German councilwoman Angela Merkel has been named according to the Forbes magazine, the strongest woman in the world. While Condoleeza Rice came third after Wowo Yi, Chinese vice Prime minister.  ...more

  • Hamas gets ready to an open dialogue
    With the countries of the west

    August 16, 2007

    In its report, the Hamas movement declared that they are ready to make an opened dialogue with the countries of the west. This affirmation comes rightly after the declarations of the Italian 1st  ...more

  • Karl Roof, adviser of President Bush,
    Presented his resignation

    August 16, 2007

    The resignation of the adviser of the American president has been confirmed and it will be valid from the end of the month of August 2007. Roof occupied the best functions in the White House since  ...more

  • Tunisia withdraws its nationality from Souha Arafat

    August 16, 2007

    The Tunisian nationality has been withdrawn from Souha Arafat, the widow of the Palestinian ex-president Yasser Arafat, after 11 months of its acquirement and without explaining the reasons.  ...more

  • The priests in France
    Study the Islam

    August 16, 2007

    A lot of priests in France try to study the Islam to be able to differentiate between what it is said of the Islam and the truth, and others by simple curiosity or by love to the culture and to  ...more

  • A possible crisis
    between England and Israel

    August 07, 2007

    The delay put by the English government about the death of the English photographer James Miller in Ghaza ended last Tuesday.
    Miller had left to Ghaza to shoot a documentary on the Palestinian  ...more

  • Libya exercises blackmail on Europe

    August 07, 2007

    The son of the Libyan leader Sayf El Islam Al Kazafi declared that the afair of the Bulgarian nurses and physician that are accused of having transmitted the AIDS to about hundred Libyan children,  ...more

  • The Saudi exports toward an increase

    August 07, 2007

    A Saudi expert confirmed his confidence in the Saudi exporters whom can pursue the increase of the exports in spite of the decline of the dollars value. He even considered that this decline is going  ...more

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