December 10, 2013
Europe is concerned about her "jihadists" and not about overthrowing of the Assad regime

Europe has announced a general alert in its security departments after reports announced that between 1500 and 2000 European jihadists are fighting against the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria, she showed concern for the phase after  these people  return home.
Most of them come from France, Great Britain, Germany and the minority is from Chechnya, Bosnia and some Scandinavian countries.

Information circulate on communications between Europeans  intelligence services  and their Syrian counterparts to determine the exact number of European jihadists, their names, nationalities and identities of those killed or detained.

The European coordinator of the fight against terrorism, Gilles de Kerchove, expressed concerns of the EU’s towards "European jihadists" who are fit to become extremists during their presence in Syria which poses a threat when they return in their country.

For its part, Washington has expressed its deep concern over the increasing number of jihadists who are citizens of the West and are going to fight in the ranks of the Syrian opposition, including the United States.

Mike Rogers, a member of the House of Representatives (Congress) and Chairman of the Intelligence Committee warned of the existence of an unprecedented Qaeda  assembly, and its partners and the most serious is that the thousands of people who will be participating in jihad have passports of Western countries.

Rogers said that the violence that has taken hold of Syria will begin to spread throughout the world; the results began to appear in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey.

The German newspaper Der Spiegel said that the growing number of young people who head to the jihad is due to the ease of getting there, they do not  need a visa to enter Turkey and can arrive from the border to  the north of Syria.

The newspaper noted that Boris Rhein, interior minister the Land of Hesse located in the west of Germany, was disturbed by the increasing number of German jihadists who go to Syria to participate in the war.

The President of the Russian Republic "Chechnya" Ramzan Kadyrov said that he is currently forming a special unit to help eliminate the fighters who pose a threat to Russia in their hideouts in Syria. "

Kadyrov emphasized that the presence of threats by Syrian insurgents "was not a hidden subject."
The French authorities are pursuing this matter with great interest while specialized forces arrested people on the French territory to make jihadists reach Syria.

This has led the Interior Ministers of the countries of the EU to hold a meeting to fight against the networks sending young men to fight in Syria with "Al Qaeda", several measures have been taken without revealing details.

But some specialized analyzes published in several European capitals reveals that the priority for the European countries currently is to focus on how to fight against the Europeans jihadists and not focus on how to overthrow the Syrian regime.

Bashar al-Assad took advantage of this and began to show the fact that he remains in power is a global need for that fight against terrorism, which is able to spread throughout the world without exceptions like the events that occurred after the fall of the Soviet presence in Afghanistan.

Even some Western officials have started talking behind the scenes about the importance of reaching an agreement with Iran and charge Iran to fight against terrorism and extremism after the fall of betting on moderate Islam which is represented by the movement of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Yemen and other countries.
From here we expect a change in the attitude of the West so that Geneva 2 could be used for an international fight against terrorism and not to seek a peaceful solution to the situation in Syria.