January 25, 1993
1993: Conference “the challenges of the Arab world under the new international system”
This conference was held in Paris under the auspices of the General Secretary of the Arab League Dr. Ismat Abdel Majid . The axes of the conference has stressed on the following: - The development challenges and the Arabic-European Cooperation - The Arabic – European Common Security Challenges - The role of medias under the new international system - The foreign politic and the international relations for the Arabic world - The Arab – European security and strategic cooperation - The philosophical, social and religious factors - The brain drain and the workers immigration - The actual regional balance between the South of the Mediterranean and the Gulf region - Towards a new regional balance in the Mediterranean area. The recommendations of the conference were to activate the role of the Arab league and build a right relation between the Arabs and the world on the security, political, economical and cultural levels.